Laser and Simulation Weapons

SST Scheubeck GmbH Shooting Systems & Technology has all of the official licences for the ownership, sale and modification of firearms for which authorisation is required, including weapons of war (KwkG – war weapons control act).

  • Plug-in laser for 9mm PARA
  • Modification of police and military action weapons for laser simulation

Laser Weapon as a Recoil Simulation Weapon

Laser- und Simulationswaffen

This laser simulation weapon with realistic recoil simulation is a recent development with the objective of providing a safe, reliable and realistic alternative to simulation weapons for police or military action training, which work on the basis of CO² or hose-connected systems.


  • Recoil simulation with no gaseous media
    • Therefore no use of CO² or compressed air as fuel
    • No sealing problems
    • No cooling of the weapon in the case of sustained firing
    • Maintenance-free
    • Simple reloading
  • No safety problems and special requirements in indoor shooting ranges
  • Suitable for continuous use
  • Real trigger behaviour
  • No need to change the relevant parts
  • Conversion by magazine replacement and installation of the laser insert
  • Available as a weapon or customer conversion set
  • Not system-oriented
  • Laser class 1M
  • No additional costs for use and consumption (0 cents after the purchase of each shot)


  • Interactive video target simulation systems
  • Tactical action training in enclosed spaces
  • Duel training
  • Laser training systems
  • Beginner training