Blue Box and Video Live (Technical Package)

From a separate action area, the staged scenario is played directly into the indoor shooting range and evaluated using video live and/or Blue Box technology.

The people performing are recorded with a special network camera in the action area and integrated directly into a continuous video sequence or into various background images as actors in real time. The backgrounds can therefore be quickly changed to different actions and adapted to the current events. In the indoor shooting range, the broadest range of backgrounds with simultaneous direct actor communication is available to the shooter on the screen.

In the action area, several monitors are installed for the trainer (actor). As such, when the firearm is used, the hit points are clearly displayed, so an appropriate reaction can be taken in the action area (collapses, continues to shoot, runs away, communicates etc). Direct communication is via wireless technology.


  • Additional connection panel for video and audio transmission
  • Expansion of the video/audio router
  • „Blue-Box“ software module
  • Wireless communication technology
  • Monitors to show the image from the counter-shot camera (indoor shooting range image)
  • Monitors to show hits in the action area (mirror-inverted view)
  • Network camera with special lens on a tripod
  • Colouring of the action area