DPCS Laser Grid / Laser Hit Detection

The laser-supported hit detection and recording recently developed by SST Scheubeck GmbH represents a considerable improvement compared with the standard hit recognition systems available on the market.

The functional principle is a measuring method constructed on the basis of a light barrier. This was developed especially for recording and for the temporal and spatial attribution of a shot result.

The sensor components now available from SST are currently based on a geometric detector spacing of 5 mm and they are therefore designed for the reliable detection of projectiles from a calibre of 5.56 mm upwards. Shots are identified reliably up to speeds of 1200m/s. The general evaluation area can be up to 20 metres x 2.50 metres. There are no special requirements for the projection area. Shot attempts, material shot and firing at mechanical targets can also be evaluated.


  • Recording is optical and contact-free, so there is no need for expensive special paper
  • The sensors are installed as shot-proof columns to the right and left of the evaluation area
  • Calibration takes place automatically
  • The DPCS laser grid is also suitable for outdoor use
  • Reliable recording of the cadence from several automatic pistols and machine guns
  • Reliable "hole in hole" recognition